Monday, December 21, 2015


I fall on my knees in defeat, tired of the fight.

Why does it have to be so hard, I cry out with all my might.

Two steps forward and one step back seems to be the going rate.

Where are you trying to get to, He asks. Don’t you know I’ll never allow you to be late?

I have things I want to accomplish, I’m ready to begin.

Your not ready for the task just yet my friend.

Waiting can be so painful. It fills me with such strife.

I know, He said, I waited for you to come to me for half your life.

I’m working behind the scenes, good things are on the way.

Will you trust me not just now but every day?

Will I be enough for you when the answer is no?

Will you move when I say go?

You see, He said, I’m molding you into the person I created you to be.

The process isn’t always easy but it’s placing your dependence on me.

When you think the battle has been lost, I order my angels to hold you up.

Spend some time with me, I AM the living water and I will fill your cup.

You will not grow weary, you will not faint

When you place your hope in me, the Lord with no restraint.

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