Friday, December 4, 2015

Through the Eyes Of A Child

The clock read 5:36 a.m. I had four minutes until the dreadful sound of the alarm would go off.  Everything in me wanted to stay snuggled under the covers but there was work to be done. With one eye open and flashlight in hand, I made my way to my daughter’s room where I pried Mittens the elf out of her arms. I then gathered up Christopher, my son’s elf and stood there asking “what shenanigans can these crazy rascals get into this morning?”

Thirty minutes later, I saw Ava peek from around the corner and ask me in a soft tone with slight lisp the same question she had for days “where’s Mittens?” Their scavenger hunt began as they ran from room to room with such anticipation of what they would find. Moments later I heard my most favorite sound on the planet. Both of my little ones chuckled as they discovered their bathroom covered in toilet paper and the two elves sitting ever so innocently on the towel rack.

In the middle of that normal Thursday morning, after I made sure teeth were brushed, hair was combed and bags were packed, for just a brief moment, I was able to forget my responsibilities and return to a childlike frame of mind while the three of us had a good giggle. Oh, to be young again! Where simplicity, innocence and belief seem to be intertwined.

With Christmas upon us, a sense of wonder and enchantment fills the air. It’s a time of hope and giving. When mischievous elves have daring adventures no eye has seen. When Santa is able to deliver toys to every little angel on Earth (if their on the good list of course). To see and experience this season through their eyes is quite magical.

Is it possible that we as adults can bring ourselves to a childlike state not only at Christmas but year round? The Bible says whoever becomes elemental again like a child will rank high in God’s kingdom. (Matt. 18:2-5 MSG) This doesn’t mean to act immaturely but rather to have the faith of a youth and believe in the unseen. Kids are also the best examples of meekness and are teachable. We must take God at his word with reverence and simplicity and humble ourselves before the Lord. Finally, we are told to be imitators of God. (Ephesians 5:1) God is love. Who better represents unconditional love like our Father but children?

As exciting as it is to carry on traditions, hang stockings and wrap presents, there is no cause to celebrate had it not been for the birth of a babe who lowly entered this world. He, in all His holiness, who has given us our lives has also taught us the way in which to live them. Like youngsters who search for the elves, may we constantly seek our Savior, Jesus Christ in eager expectancy of the joy He brings and as we marvel at our own offspring may we strive to be more like them.

Has the harshness of life left you with unbelief and uncertainty? How can you begin to change your perspective to that of an adolescent?

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