Monday, September 21, 2015

The One

The door of my heart was open to everyone but you. Freely giving pieces of myself until pain and emptiness grew.

You, the One that could fill every hollow space. I rejected again. Your response: “I’ll wait.”

As my car careened you charged your angels to intervene. Thankful for a moment but I quickly forgot, it was you who saved me from that dark spot.

You, the One who rescued me and gave me life. I rejected again. Your response: “I’ll give her time.”

Sunday mornings spent in bed from a late night that left me with an aching head.

You, who whispered I love you anyway. I rejected again. Your response: “It doesn’t matter what you say.”

Crying babies. Sleepless nights. Toxic relationships with too many fights.

You, the One who makes all things new. I rejected again. Your response: “I’m not through.”

Broken and lost, tired of running. I lifted my eyes to see You, the One most stunning.

You, the living water who refreshes souls, lowered your hand to pick me up. I welcomed you and you filled my cup.

Who am I that you’d want me after all I’d done? Your response: “You are my masterpiece and my chosen one.”

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