Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Knock Knock

The past came knocking today, with nothing new to say;
She told it to leave and yet there it stayed.

It invaded her thoughts and held her captive within;
Bringing visions and flashbacks of a life lived in sin.

The trip down memory lane revealed a girl covered in shame;
Saddened by her choices and haunted from outside voices.

She remembered she was washed clean one glorious day when she grew tired of living life her way;
In an instant He made her new, not by good works but just by asking Him to.

So, she slammed the door and fell to her knees, thankful these were distant memories;
For where she was and where she is, was a lifetime apart when she recalled she was His.

The light broke through and a smile reappeared, as her future was calling and it was instantly clear;
She wasn’t her past nor her mistakes, she was God's daughter and all sins He erased.

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